European Masters championships 2012, Lankaran, Azerbaijan

First of all, this was one of the most expensive trips I have taken for lifting, because of the logistics, being away from the office and technology, and other issues like trains and hotels to get to airplanes, to get to more trains, etc.

My result was what I wanted, which was six good lifts with good technique, and a reasonable total, which was 106kg.  I won the silver medal for my age and weight category. I also wanted people to notice how much work I have put in, and the complements on my technique improvements from those who know me for a while was also very satisfying.

This was my last snatch of 44kg, and should make my coach at home very happy.

Good things about this comp:

1.  My extended (dysfunctional) weightlifting family:  As my husband could not come this time, several folks stepped in to help me out.  Thanks to Alexandra and her husband Bas for waiting for me at the airport, Trisha and Claire for humorous ride back to the airport (including the police stopping our taxi and grabbing our taxi driver,  and me accidentally dropping my dark glasses down a squat toilet), Monika and her husband Hans for making us a group vs. me alone to move around the town, and new found Finnish friends Taru and Ari for pictures and encouragement. Extremely special thanks for my friend and coach Sandra Smith for making those six lifts possible with constructive coaching and wiping the sweat off my dripping head!

2. The venue was good, the equipment (in the end) was okay, and we had what we needed to do the job.

Bad things about this comp:

Too hot weather, lack of available food at our hotel, lack of restaurants we could go to, lack of diet soft drinks =),  and my hotel not being 600m, but 4km from the venue.  Not enough lifters made the journey, with only 22 women competing in total, and around 250 lifters overall.

Worst bit: 242km taxi ride from hell, 4 hours late at night with a crazy guy driving 140 km/hr down rotting city streets, with the trunk open with our luggage and trying not to hit cows, cars or walls. Three lifters squished in the back seat, trying not to damage each other with every bump. (We let Bas have the front seat, as he had the longest legs) Alain Belli (FRA) was squished between Alex and myself, and we frequently were in hysterical laughter/panic, and somehow the luggage still ended up getting there!

More photos will be coming in, as most of my contributors are on their way home now.







3 responses to “European Masters championships 2012, Lankaran, Azerbaijan”

  1. Pekka Avatar

    Nothing feels as good as nice snatch. 🙂 I try to find results from Lankaran and then I come here. Is there one woman from Finland and how she lift?

    Congratulations for silver medal.

    – Pekka from Finland –

    1. admin Avatar

      Taru from Finland did fine, and got a gold medal.

  2. Pekka Avatar

    Thanks for information. 🙂