2018 international, in a nutshell

It has been a busy year, and as my new coach points out, I compete a lot.  I finished off 2017 in Australia in October as a visitor to the Open section of the Australian, Oceanic and Pacific Rim Masters at the Gold Coast.  Loved the weather, and the medal did not hurt either!

From the Europeans in Hungary (bronze medal)  to the Worlds in Barcelona (4th place, and then to the inaugural Asian Pacific Master games in Penang, Malaysia ( gold medal!), it has been a busy time.    Also won Best Female Master in my region of Belgium this year, and am set to compete this month in the Belgian Masters for the last year of this current age and weight group setting.

Photos below.  After the Belgian Masters, a well deserved rest and we set what next year brings, both in terms of a new age category and new weight classes.  Never a dull moment in lifting!