One more, just to be sure… 😉 Belgian Senior Championships 2015, Seraing (Liege)

I made it back to fitness for the European Master Games, as I wanted.  But then, I said, what the heck, let’s do the national seniors as I am already fit and can see all my national colleagues.  It was for fun, so why not?  So I lifted, got five for six [missed one was a bit of a dare from Tom VT 🙂 ] and got another senior title at the tender age of 51.    [Note: Yes, Yasmine is my weight but not my age group and she is progressing well as a cadet. But by the time we would meet to directly compete, I will be in a Zimmer frame. :-0 ]results women belgian

So now my coach Tino has me on two months “active rest” where I keep the power up and take it a lot easier.  He is very happy with what I achieved after surgery, and so am I.

Looking forward to some fun comps next year in Japan and Tenarife!

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