Flemish and Wallonian regional champs, 17 Oct, La Louviere, Belgium

Pepto-Bismol had a phrase several years ago: The last mile is the longest.  Well, this week, and this day in particular, ran into overtime. Up now early Sunday morning due to an aching body and overactive sinuses. Been on anti-bacterials since Tuesday, not a good way to lift, really takes it out of you!

Set the scene:  Ill for a few weeks now with a bacterial sinus infection, Alea flies Tuesday to an academic conference to give a paper Thursday morning, and then flies back from this conference in Portugal Friday night to not only compete on Saturday, but to take again her international IWF Level 2 referee practical exam (along with the written, which was not the issue for me last Dec.).  She arrives at 10:30am, as she has to do the weigh-in for the ladies group.

Sat. 19:30:  Alea arrives back home, having done a decent 5 out of 6 for overall third place finish of all of the ladies, as well as having refereed for 3.5 hours with more than a 95 percent rating on her practical exam.  And she only missed one out of a 100 on her written exam. And just in time to watch BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing live (and eat a pizza)! [Note: Either Caroline or Frankie to win, or perhaps Jake?]

[Note: Sunday 4am: Body requests a hot shower and some more sinus meds, as cannot sleep due to discomfort in shoulders/neck due to again having her first rib move near her neck. Not the first or the last time….]

Photos from various team mates and audience members with my camera below. Because of my illness and travel, I dialed back my lifting numbers and focused on good lifts and a workout vs. a comp.  Just missed the last jerk due to my shoulder, could not fix it properly with rib stiffness.  Taking a rest now, including getting rid of this sinus bug!!  (How much can one cough and ref?)