World Masters Championships 2014 – Copenhagen, Denmark

It took me a while to post this, as coming back directly to a very full week at work. But the Danish Federation did a great job for us, and all we needed was there for use.

I did well in Austria in July, and then I trained in August, but not as much as I could have given the workload in mid August.   So I was happy with a bronze medal, but not happy with my own performance.   But as you can only peak twice a year, asking for a third time was a bit much.  But I was too tense, and nearly screwed up completely on the snatch, only getting my last one by sheer power snatching.    Clean and jerk fared better, so total was not a complete disaster. Last one in slow-mo below….

I want to thank Clint Darden (and his lovely wife Nefi) for his great media work for me, and my darling husband who I gave anxiety to from my less than successful snatching efforts.

I am now on a break, and go back into the gym this week for some power work and fitness.

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