European Masters 2014 – Kazincbarcika, Hungary

I competed on Sunday 18 May, lifting at noon with six other women in their early 50s.  Yup, I turn 50 in about one month’s time.

I won the silver medal in my age/weight category.  🙂

I have waited until I got back from travels to publish this, as it was okay but a bit wet and tiring from the travel to northern Hungary (about 2.5 hours from Budapest). Fun/crazy trip back with two French lifters and our smartphones.  😉

Train travel

Got 4 for 6, or as I say 4.5 for six as I missed the last jerk.  Okay with my total, as I know I could have gotten the missed lifts on the basis of power, mistakes were technical. Next stop: Speyer, Germany for an all Ladies competition!

LOTS of photos, and thanks to Sabina’s husband Frank for his contribution of excellent lifting shots.  As per normal, we had local cultural dancing, etc.   As not per normal, we had two Hungarian ladies borrowing/sharing my extra lifting tricot AT THE SAME TIME ;-), my new buddy Nefi (thanks to Clint for the photo of the two of us below) wearing plastic wrap to lose weight (gift of the organisers to each athlete was a roll of plastic wrap),  and roses for the ladies that in one case caused a small accidental poke in the eye of a competitor.   Ah, lifting!

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