10th International “ASVÖ – NÖ” Women Weightlifting Grand Prix, Brunn, Austria, 9-11 May 2013

We had a long weekend in Belgium, so I spent the last three days in Austria, competing with 66 women from 16 countries in an all-Women weightlifting competition. Age range was 8 years old to 68 years old.  And all could lift well!! I won first place in my age group, and sixth overall in the Masters group, so not too shabby.  And hung out with the next generation of lifters, including 13 year old Maria Luana Grigoriu from Romania, pictured with me below, already with a 140kg total.  If she is not in the 2020 Olympics,  I will eat my lifting shoes!!

And a big shout out to Holly Deegan (Ireland) who volunteered to help me, and ended up doing a heck of a coaching job. Two photos of her below as well.

It was fun, well-organised, and lifter-centric.  So it was well worth the trip.  I met a lot of great lady lifters, and ended up with some new friends.

Lots of pictures to be loaded, so stay tuned for more than what you see here now….