Round two – Second Belgian Interclub 2013, Waterloo, Belgium

Yes, THAT Waterloo,  we are nothing but historic here in weightlifting land!

As it is an interclub, we had two plateaus of nine lifters, and like the Titanic, women and children went first.  🙂

Did okay, got 5.5 for 6 (just missed the last jerk), and the total was acceptable for where I am in the training cycle.  Promised my coach good technique and led the other women competing in that respect, especially when I have at least 20 years on them.

Photos of me, Philippine Colson and Sebastian Bernaerts are below.  Seb lifts with me for the last eight years,  and at 18, is doing a good job of progressing.   Philippine is a former student who has taken up lifting, and she and her husband Milen (also a former student) hung out with me during the comp. Seb was on the camera except for his own lifts, obviously.

Next up, the Titanos Grand Prix in Austria during the four day holiday weekend in early May.