Belgian senior champs – 25 Oct 2012

So last week Thursday in training, I hurt my lumbar region, slightly shifting a vertebrae (L4), which is not my usual ‘disc of choice’ (that would be L5), so spent a few uncomfortable days before seeing my osteo on this Wed.

So I went to the Seniors, having been “repaired”, but told only to workout, not compete, on Saturday as I am still in discomfort.  For the Ladies, this national senior comp has no minima, so it was not a big deal to come and workout, since I would come second regardless if I lifted big or lifted light.  Anyway, I am a Master and already won the Masters title a few weeks ago.

I had promised to come to referee, and since I was coming, decided to give it a go anyway. So I pitched it low, having not trained last week, and did six good lifts instead of six heavy lifts, which got me a bit of praise for coming and doing it reasonably given an injury.

Usual chaos in the comp, but since I was not actively competing, for once I was really not bothered.  But it ran long, so not home until 08:30pm.

Did not take photos this time, as neither my husband nor my coach came, and there was not much to take photos of anyway.  I will likely get a few sent to me later by some friends, will post when available.

For the guys, best senior (Nicky Van Wemmel) and best junior (Sebastian Bernaerts) both came from my club, and Anna Van Bellinghen from CHFS was best woman.