League Championships – Flemish and Wallonian – 2012

OK, the last couple of years we have done both league championships together, due to lack of resources and numbers. Today, we had roughly a total of 21 athletes, give or take, as I have not seen the final papers yet. One guest from Germany (hi, Susanne!) did very well, and Anna came close to another new personal best with a 175 total.

Although the venue is good, there were issues, not the least having doping control arrive 30 minutes after the last plateau finished.

For me, with one week off for the leg, and light training as I come back this last week, I tried to do roughly what I did at the World Masters, but with less power under the hood given my cold virus this week.  So 4 for 6 was OK, and still got me best Flemish woman.

Thanks for the photos to my former student Milen, whose wife Philippine has taken up lifting.