International Ladies Open – Waregem, Belgium

This is also an International Men’s Masters, with 21 Masters men and 7 women of various ages (ladies are shown below) from a whole host of countries, including 22 year old Thithuy Nguyen from the Vietnamese Olympic team, as she is training now in France prior to the Games.  There is a picture of the two of us below, as I had to weigh her in as a national referee.  I also had to ref the third plateau, as shown below.  The two organizers, Jozef and Michel, did a nice job with this competition, and we thank them for their efforts!!

As this is the end of the first part of my season, I have been in maintenance mode since I returned from Azerbaijan from the European Masters a few weeks ago.  You can only peak twice a year, and since I participate in the World Masters in September in Ukraine, I chose to operate in hold this month.  My aim for the day was to get the same total as in Azerbaijan, but I have not been working on power so much this month, so my total was a bit less.  I got four of my six lifts, and the two misses were mainly due to a lack of horsepower under the hood.   But I came third behind Thithuy Nguyen ( 195kg) and German Masters champ Susanne Kuettler, who got a new German record (Yay!) with a total of 149kg.

Photo of the trophy in glass is also below, as is the picture of the councilman presenting me the trophy, albeit the picture is a little blurry.

Today starts my “body vacation”, required by my medical team, my husband, my coach, etc.  Body parts are not allowed to lift for at least 14 days, and then I start a slow progress late July with an emphasis on speed and explosive power towards Lviv, Ukraine.  In that regard, I’m looking forward to my training session with Sandra Smith in Bath, England in August.