Third and last Belgian national interclub – Auderghem

The last interclub of the national season is the end of the first half of the lifting year, except for those of us lifting in the European Masters in two weeks in Azerbaijan .  The second half in the Fall is regional, national and worlds.

It was a hard work week with exam grading and lots of writing, and Tuesday, my tendonosis in my right shoulder decided it had been quiet too long, and started to act up again.  So Saturday morning, I was not clear what I could do, and and what would happen when I started to lift the bar, let alone anything on it.

I first want to publicly thank my darling husband, who is patient, loving and has learned how to calm me down when my shoulder decides this is not a sport it likes.  He is wonderful, and took the pictures below for me as well.   Yay, hubby!

So I started with the numbers I had planned on when my coach and I talked last Sunday about my start.  To paraphrase my coach’s comment of yesterday:  ‘Alea, you should lift injured more often. ‘  Got all six lifts, all white lights, and did more than I planned doing on the day, with a total of 107kg.  Was best woman of this competition (as Anna again zeroed), as well I was best female lifter of the three interclub series.   Not bad, given I turn 48 next month.

As for the shoulder and the comp in two weeks, who knows.  Ice, ice (baby), NSAID,  Glucosamine, plus osteo/physio working with my support team, let’s see what we can do.  (note as of 25 May — happy to say NOT tendon issue, just a very solid set of neck and trap muscles in need of a vacation and some TLC, hey, don’t we all? =)  TLC being provided, back on track for next week… )

Photos below, including the guy of the hour as shown in the backdrop on the plateau, Tom Goegebuer, who was followed around by the VRT video crew for the piece they are doing on him on the run up to the Olympics.