Month: March 2011

  • 2nd Belgian interclub in La Louviere

    Second interclub, did all 6 lifts with three white lights, and unfortunately with the start of the stomach flu, which I suffered from all night last night 🙁 Given back problem of last week, and stomach bug, 105kg total is pretty darn good!

  • More from the Arnold 2011

    With many thanks to Dan Russell from Univ of South Florida!!

  • Lifting (snatch) at the Arnold 2011

    There is a commercial first (sorry!) and then you can find me at 6:55 and 14:53 for good lifts, and a little later (19:15) for a not so good lift 😉 Ellyn Robinson is the one you hear giving me coaching in the background. Some more photos from the Arnold, including a few of Arnold!